Keren Anavy is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, painting, installation and performance. Anavy’s interdisciplinary process and research-based practice scrutinize issues of the dynamic relationships between nature, culture and site. She see landscape as a metaphor for political and personal narratives, her interest is how nature can function as a cultural agent in different societies.


Challenging the boundaries of painting and drawing often as a form of installation, her paintings are the point of departure for large scale site-specific installations and, or performance that operate on an architectural scale. In some she engage movement by create paintings that function as video and, or dance performance, offers a platform for questioning our environments. Anavy seeks to undo the dense capsule of landscape-place-environment from a different angle each time. Her settings examine broader social contexts through a diversity of imagery, materials and architecture,


In her work process she questions about the spiritual and social significances that different forms around us hold, shapes from nature, architecture or everyday life. By using various techniques and materials, including oil paintings, ink drawings, laser cutouts and print. Anavy’s works often contain charged imagery and subject matter that are disconnect from their previous political and social context, and as a result, transformed into an abstracted visual imagery that addresses distress and beauty. She creates forms that reflect on the boundary between concrete and abstract. She deal with the medium of painting, and the transformation of a painting into a sculptural and architectural element in the space.


Her research-based practice draws from garden and water as major artistic themes through which she explores the structuring of different cultural spaces and their liminal borders. The Garden, a repeating element in my work, is a symbol for cultivated nature and control, while water channels, such as oceans and rivers, represent wildness, movement, and freedom. Anavy installations addresses our experience with the natural world; inviting the viewer to reflect on the history of waterways and reconsider their immediate environment in our rapidly changing world.