Beauty and Other Forms, 2016

A collaborative project by Keren Anavy and Tal Frank
Site-specific installation at ‘Repetitive Motifs in Ritual Objects and in Contemporary Art’ 
Mane’-Katz Museum, Haifa, Israel

Alongside their independent practice, Tal Frank and Keren Anavy collaborate and create together an ongoing project for several years. The site-specific installation Beauty and Other Forms at Mane’-Katz Museum is their third joint display, a continuation to Hothouse (2012), and Crossover (2013-2014).

The installation Beauty and Other Forms including oil paintings on linen and sculptors mirrors, is informed by the scientific field of crystallography- the study of the structural organization of atoms and molecules in crystals. The images created, which undergo transformations and deformations, recall their precedents to some degree. They are represented, formally and conceptually, in universal contexts that draw a connection between nature and culture.