Keren Anavy’s multimedia installations offer a platform for questioning our environments, examining broader contexts for the connections between east and west, and re-establishing our sense of artificial and natural. Anavy’s research-based practice draws from gardens and water as major artistic themes through which the artist explores the structuring of different cultural spaces and their liminal borders.
Having grown up in a desert region of constant conflict, Anavy uses the theme of water, a scarce resource, to explore a variety of personal and universal meanings. The Garden, a repeating element in Anavy’s works, is a symbol for cultivated nature and control, while water channels, such as oceans and rivers, represent wildness, movement, and freedom. The installation in ‘Cultural Exchange Room’ addresses our experience with the natural world; inviting the viewer to reflect on the history of waterways and reconsider their immediate environment in our rapidly changing world.

Anavy’s exhibition and works also deal with the medium of painting, transitioning from a concrete image to an abstract one and stretching the boundaries of painting into a sculptural and architectural element in the space.
The artist would like to acknowledge long-standing collaborator, Tal Frank, in lending parts of the installation objects to the exhibition.
Cultural Exchange Keren Anavy