The Nature of Things is an artist book that functions as an exhibition, presents eight years of artistic collaboration between visual artists Keren Anavy and Tal Frank, includes a foreword text by Aliza Edelman, Ph.D., Art Historian, curator and critic.

The book presents subjects and selected images from five site-specific exhibitions by the duo and from their recent adventure as artist in residence adventure at the Everglades National Park, Florida (2018), as part of the Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE) Program.

The book consists of a variety of paper types: plain, a textured watercolor paper and a semi-transparent paper. The various papers also hint at the idea of how one can perceive a painting, convey a sense of working processes in the studio, and can also recall associations, revealing the thoughts and practice processes of this unique collaboration.

“This book appeals as a laboratory of the natural world and as a surrogate of the projections, research, and communication between two multidisciplinary artists. It is their travelogue and bridges the personal and collective memories of the ‘self’ and national mythologies. The Nature of Things performs as an archive and as an imaginary landscape permeating time and space.” – Aliza Edelman, Ph.D. Art Historian, Curator and Critic.

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